SmS#71: Happy Birthday Bowie

8 Jan

Today is a day to celebrate a legend. On this day 65 years ago, David Robert Jones was born. Without a doubt my favourite artist of all time celebrates his birthday today so let’s rejoice at his amazing contribution to music over the past 40 years. It’s only fair then that I gather some of my favourite tunes from his wonderful career. Whether it’s from his early psych-folk Space Oddity days, or from his Ziggy Stardust glam rock pomp, the soul-funk Thin White Duke era, his truly brilliant and reclusive Berlin trilogy, his take on 80’s pop superstardom or his trip into drum n bass in the 90’s (maybe not the latter). Looking back, it’s amazing to see the work the man has produced, I just  can’t imagine what music would sound like today without his legacy. Enough of the flattery, enjoy his music for yourself!  Here is the best of David Bowie.


Suffragette City

Drive-In Saturday

Station To Station

Sound And Vision

Always Crashing In The Same Car


Ashes To Ashes


Let’s Dance



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