SmS#58: Peaks Of The Week pt.16

30 Sep

Bergen is swinging! The city is well and truly alive at the moment. As we speak the magnificent Ekko festival is underway and next month (12th of October to be precise) is the start of Bergen Kjøtt’s festival series Perfect Sounds Forever. It’s an exciting time to be in Norway’s second city. If you’re not here, get yourself on a plane and come and visit us. You’re more than welcome!

Real Estate are back…and how!  The New Jersey foursome return with perhaps the single of the year. A bold statement i know, but it’s an absolute gem. Do your ears the pleasure of listening to the next 5 minutes of down tempo brilliance taken from the bands forthcoming LP Days, out on the 18th of october.

Real Estate – Green Aisles

Bob Hund are a swedish post-punk band that have been knocking around since since the early 90’s. Now this prolific bunch are back with this new single Stanna Klokka Stanna, which even if you don’t speak swedish, is bloody good! Take a little trip through their back-catalogue too, the 1996 LP Omslag: Martin Kann is a good starting point. Fantastic band.

Bob Hund – Stanna Klokka Stanna

The man who was propelled to the forefront of the Norwegian alt-scene with Madrugada, Sivert Høyem is back with a new solo LP. I must admit, I’ve not been much of a fan of his previous solo work, but this new single has something captivating about it. Dark and edgy delayed guitars, icy synths and Høyem’s deep vocals add to glacial feel of the record. His album Long Slow Distance is out now, and it’s pretty good!

Sivert Høyem – Under Administration

Having just finished watching the second series of Eastbound and Down, I just had to post the that track that soundtracks the very last scene in the series. It’s the funniest program I’ve seen in a very, very long time and the soundtrack is superb. Any excuse to post Kurt Vile tunes!

Kurt Vile – He’s Alright





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