SmS#55: Peaks Of The Summer

17 Sep

With huge disappointment and a heart filled with pain, I have to admit that the summer has come to an abrupt end. Sad times, but rather than dwelling on the negative feeling associated with the start of Autumn, I’m going to have a quick look back to the artists, albums and tracks that made the summer of 2011 so damn good. Because nostalgia is what makes us tick, right?


Black Lips – Arabia Mountain

Atlanta garage rock urchins Black Lips really took me by surprise by announcing that Mark Ronson was set to produce their new LP Arabia Mountain. The roughness of the previous records was what made them so appealing, yet with Ronson onboard, the band seemed to work even more effectively. Maybe it was the shared love of hip-hop that brought the band and producer together and much to my surprise, it really payed off. The album is a slightly more polished version of Good Bad, Not Evil, with the dirty garage edge still in place but with added horns. This album accompanied my summer holiday rather nicely. I even came close to crashing my car due to the intensity/brilliance of album opener Family Tree!

Black Lips – Family Tree

The Horrors – Skying

Another highlight was without a shadow of a doubt Skying by The Horrors. I waited anxiously for the release in July like an excited dog awaiting its dinner. This is because of the immensity of the band’s second LP Primary Colours, my album of 2009, and to see whether it could live up to it. It certainly did. The album took the shoe-gaze influences used on the second record and took them to a whole new widescreen level. It was especially impactful whilst blaring out of my borrowed Citroen whilst driving around middle England.

The Horrors – I Can See Through You ( live at Glastonbury 2011)

Destroyer – Kaputt.

This album well and truly crept up on me when I least expected it. It took me a while to get round to listening to it, but then suddenly somewhere between Bergen and Arendal I fell in love with the record! Heavily influenced by 80’s drive-time pop, by the sounds of the LP, Destroyer‘s founding member Dan Bejar really threw everything at this record. It really did pay off, an outsider for album of 2011? Might be worth a fiver!

Destroyer – Savage Night At The Opera


Bloody Beach – Quembo Que

YounghusbandNothing, Nothing

The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed


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