SmS#51: Peaks Of The Week Pt.13

31 Aug

It’s all about welcoming people back this week! So if you’ve not been on the blog for while, welcome back. If you’ve been away on your holidays, welcome back! If you’ve….that’s enough now. Enjoy these tunes from returning artists and a lovely live number and the future of Danish punk!

Welcome back Bradford Cox! He is one of the most productive and talented men in indie, yet you might recognise him as the frontman in one of the best bands of the past 5 years, Deerhunter. Cox, whose solo project goes under the name of Atlas Sound, is set to follow-up 2009’s success Logos with his third LP Paralax in November. Widescreen, acoustic guitar loops and a fantastic bass line, this is the sound of Bradford Cox on form. I’m counting down the weeks to the album’s release!

Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita

Another timely return, this time from Florida’s Surfer Blood. Which is bloody (sorry about the pun) good news as I love the bands 2010 album Astro Coast and now they are ready with new material in the form of the Tarot Classics EP. So as we wait patiently, here’s a taster from the EP called Miranda.

Surfer Blood – Miranda

More Girls! A little repetition is good thing if you ask me. Here’s more minutes from the highly anticipated second LP from the San Fran boys. It’s more energetic and instant than the previous song I posted (from POTW pt.11) and it has made my knees tremble in child-like excitement for the new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost! Roll on September 13th, I say!

Girls – Honey Bunny

SmS faves Washed Out took a well deserved break from being on the road to do this live recording for Yours Truly. This is a “70’s soft-rock” take on slow-burning moody album track Far Away. I think I prefer this version. See for yourself!

Washed Out – Far Away

There hasn’t been any punk/hardcore on the pages of SmS. Admittedly, I’m not a huge punk fan, but hearing Copenhagen upstarts Iceage for the first time, I felt like I was 14 again! Exhilarating!

Iceage -You’re Blessed


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