SmS#45: Øya Festival 2011 (9th-13th August)

10 Aug

Due to parental obligations, It’s taken me a bit longer than planned to get this posted. Oops, so if you could be so kind and pretend it’s Tuesday 9th August then I’ll be super pleased and you can read the whole post with excitement for the coming festival! Thanks from the future!

Ah, once again the magnificent Øya Festival is upon us. With the line-up being rather impressive as well, this weeks Oslo extravaganza promise to be quite the occasion. The event is held in the medievel park (the founding place of Oslo itself) which is almost right in the heart of the capitol. The festival also has mini konserts happening in various live venues around the city. This years line-up (as usual)  is compiled of a good mix of Norwegian artists and more widely recognised bands from further afield. It should be top drawer!

So then, here is a quick round-up of SmS’s must sees for the following four days of musical brilliance:

Tuesday 9th August:

Tuesday is quite frankly a Bergen bonanza! The opening day of the festival sees a whole load of SmS championed artists performing. Firstly, playing Blå at 20:10 is SmS’s Bergen band of the year, Young Dreams . If you miss their beautiful harmony laced lo-fi noise, you’ll probably regret it! Then it’s Dub-Punk brilliance in the form of Bloody Beach, who are at the Parkteateret at 22:00, Dig Deeper at John Dee and The Megaphonic Thrift at the Parkteateret both go on at 23:00 so you’ll have to make an executive decision on which band to see. Then get on over to Blå to see the fantastic Ungdomskulen. I’m exhausted just writing about it and this is just a handful of the artist playing on Tuesday!

Wednesday 10th:

Then on to day two. I’d probably need some rest after running around watching Bergen’s finest the night before, so it fits rather nicely that the first band I head to see is at 18:35. That band is Oslo based noise-makers Deathcrush who are playing the club in Middelalderparken. Then come the guys from overseas, and with force. Canadian slow jam king Destroyer at Vika at 19:25, post dub-step wunderkid James Blake has to be witnessed at Sjøsiden, then back to Vika to see the excellent Warpaint or rap titan Kanye West at Enga. Another amazing day of music.

Thursday 11th:

What better way to start day three of the festival than with Austin psych-rockers White Denim. 16:00 at Vika. Then at 16:45 come the newly added (because Q-Tip pulled out) Shabazz Palaces to show us how it’s done. Alternative hip-hop genius from the Seattle two-piece just can’t be missed. They’re off the hook! Fleet Foxes get all folky at 19:30 at Enga only to be followed by the wonderful Janelle Monae at Sjøsiden. I just had to include the clip below of perhaps the best live T.V performance of the last decade by Miss Monae. It should also give you just cause to catch her.

Friday 12th:

Kristiansund’s kraut-rockers 120 daysplay the Middelalderparken club at 18:50, which should be very good. Then on my to-do list is getting back to the club at 20:30 to see Florida’s Twin Shadow. Mainly to see his moustache. Then it’s time for brit-pop legends Pulp who have dusted themselves off and decided to re-form. They’ll be playing at Enga at 21:30, the same time as Swedish songstress Lykke Li. Nice.

Saturday 13th:

And suddenly it’s the final day, but hold your tears as there is still plenty to enjoy from this years fantasic line-up. I’m sure I mention these at least once a week, but Razika just make me want to jump around like a loonatic. So jump around like a loonatic at 15:20 at the Middelalderparken club. Sounds like a plan. Loddefjord’s favourite sons Fjorden Baby will be shining lasers in your eyes (the light show is pretty cool)  at Enga at 17:50. Then it’s indie brilliance from secretive Mancunians WU LYF at 19:40 at Vika, steel drum dub-step from Jamie xx (20:40 at the Middelalderparken club) and Gothenborg’s Håkon Hellstrom.

What a week it promises to be. I’m jealous beyond belief at you peeps who are there but the baby comes first! No doubt! Either way, enjoy yourselves and hope this post is of some assistance.


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