SmS#38: Peaks Of The Week Pt.8

28 Jun

Ska-pop of the highest order from Bergen quartet Razika. Last week ended well for the local ladies, with the band featuring on Pitchfork for the first time with new single Eg Vetsje (translates to ‘I dunno’) and this week has started nicely as they played at Hove Festival earlier on today (28/6/11). Summer anyone?

Razika – Eg Vetsje


Manchester is a wonderful place. The city in the north-west of England (shares some similarities to Bergen with its thriving music scene and near constant rainfall!) has produced some of the greatest bands in history and continues to churn out great new bands, consistently. WU LYF are no exception, the band surrounded themselves in mystery by only releasing one official photo and only releasing small pieces of info on their blog. This lead to alot of interest and alot of hype, but the band absolutely live up to it, if not exceed it, with their debut LP Go Tell Fire To The Mountain. It’s captivating.

WU LYF- Dirt


Unfortunately, we have to wait until the 11th of July to hear Within and Without, the new LP from Atlanta, GA’s lo-fi maestro Washed Out. So if you’re as impatient as I am, you can download this album track here for nothing. With tracks like Amor Fati, the album should be well worth the wait!

Washed Out – Amor Fati


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