SmS#3: Bergenfest Has Arrived (re-post from old site)

10 May

Bergenfest is once again upon us.  As was last years festival, there’s a number of good gigs going down in the city.

The festival started last night with a couple of gigs here and there but the bulk of the musical soiree start this friday 29.4, with acts local and jetting in from foreign lands.

Friday sees The Stranglers, Pulled Apart By Horses and the highly sought after Sufjan Stevens all make apperences along side local heroes (and heroines) such as Blood Command,Razika and the almighty Fjorden Baby! 

Then on saturday along come a whole bundle artist to entertain the people of Bergen. These include; Rafael Saadiq, Cancer Bats, Marina & The Diamonds and Harry’s Gymamongst others.

Also happening on Saturday night is a mini festival in itself, called The Fix. This years arrangement is an absolute must, with the dance events organisers roping in some of the most exciting bands around.

Worth the admission price alone is the Bergen collective,Young Dreams. Probably the years most blogged (1 more now) about band and not without reason. The last time I counted the band consisted of 9 members, all from other bands based in the city (Bloody BeachMegaphonic Thrift and Casio Kidsto name a few). Lo-Fi, Beach-Boys esque dream-pop… however its described, its best to check them out for yourselves.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also got Wild Beasts playing material from their new album and Gold Panda flying in from post-royal wedding England!

Should be a blast! See you there.

Something to get you excited for Saturday night:

Young Dreams-Young Dreams


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